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Design Registration in Mumbai

The design identifies the goods or services of similar theme manufactured by different manufacturers. It allows the distinction of competing offerings the repeat purchase of goods, with which one has had good experiences. A good detergent is known, for example, under the word mark "Persil". If in doubt, a vacillating consumer will therefore, like many others opt for this product with a good, old name. The word designs are marks consisting of letters or numbers. Also advertising slogans such as "Radio from here, radio as we" can have the required distinctiveness.

The Trademark Act provides for protection for a design with a reputation with the public. The prerequisite is that the design used has been successful on the market to identify a product or service and bring the public establishes a specific company in touch with him. The design identifies its user and the brand.

With the registration of the design, the holder acquires the exclusive right to use the question mark for the goods or services protected. Accordingly, he may require any violator omission of brand use, and, where appropriate, damages. Under certain conditions, the unauthorized user is furthermore obliged to destroy the objects unlawfully marked with the brand and to place its origin and distribution channels open. Who wants therefore to use a new brand or company name, you should first make sure whether it abides with the use against existing naming rights of third parties. That fact is not checked during the registration of the mark on its own initiative. This helps a company or brand name search.

To get protect your business design by getting design registration in Mumbai. If you are planning to launch your brand or trademark in Mumbai then it is mandatory to get first its registration in order to avoid any of the illicit act. Here; with us you will find the best of design registration services in mumbai where the expertise team of attorneys and solicitors will help you in the complete segment of design registration process in mumbai starting from design, protection, search, registration, renewal of all Intellectual Property Rights.

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