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Logo Registration in Delhi

As on rising section of logo and branding in the corporate world; the demand of logo registration moves on the top. Logo is a sign that represent your business in the business world. It will bring your business familiar to your target audience and will help you in recognizing your product among your potential market.

For logo registration in delhi there are several regulations and rules where on need to pass through and adhere with the same
  • First get design your logo that may be in the form of text, slogan, alphanumeric, numbers, graphic sketch, icon and many more.
  • Be sure your proposed logo should be unique and do not match with any other already registered logo.
  • Get conduct logo search in order to confirm with originality of your proposed logo design. After getting favorable result from logo search; get file your application to the concern authority. All the industrial design including trademark, brand or logo registered under the trademark act 1999 in India.
  • Along with application you also need to submit other documents, legal forums, fees and other mention details to the concern authority where the information in respect of logo usage, region where it launch, product or services under which logo will use, and many more.
  • The same application will send further for verification where it keeps on hold to check for any objection from any third party.
  • If in case there is no objection then the same application will get approval for the certification of logo registration in delhi.
  • In case of any objection; the application will get reject where owner needs to pass through the hiring process in order to prove the evidence against the objection.
  • After the hiring process; if owner wins over the objection; can apply for certification of logo registration in Delhi otherwise the application will reject and owner needs to resubmit the same again.

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