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LLP Registration

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is a form of partnership where the liability is limited unlike other partnership firms. It's a type of partnership where no partner is responsible toward s other partner's liability. Partnership business is one of the oldest and most reputed forms of business in the world. But, in India, Partnership registration act 1932 has defined all rules and regulations for partnership registration both limited and unlimited form of partnership. There are numbers of legal professionals and trademark registration professionals those are providing LLP registration services to many aspiring business entrepreneurs from across the world. Limited Liability Partnership registration has been rapidly growing in each and every day in order to get the maximum benefits through these types of business. These days, online llp registration is gaining huge popularity among business entrepreneurs due to its simplicity and flexibility.

Online LLP Registration Procedure

Online LLP registration is the need of the hour and aspiring business entrepreneurs are taking the plunge of online partnership registration. The partnership act has thoroughly defined the llp registration procedures in order to avoid legal problems. Online llp registration is extremely popular as one can directly log into the website and fill up the requisite information in order to get a partnership registration certificate. One should apply along some important information like numbers of partners, name and address of partners, nature of the business and their registered office along with application fee to the Registrar of Partnership as per the partnership registration act of India. Therefore, arranging all important documents for partnership registration prior to applying is inevitable for all aspiring partnership members and business entrepreneurs. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is one of the best partnership firms among all types of partnership firms due to the limited liability of members.

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