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Society Registration

Society registration is as much as vital like company registration as per the Society registration Act 1860. Society is defined as a social organization with lots of social responsibilities towards society. It's formed to share some thoughts and organize small parties and other events among society members. These days, societies are booming in large numbers in all parts of the country as more and more numbers of people are shifting their base to the urban areas from rural place. A society is an association of people or group of some likeminded people in the same locality or in a different region for a common goal. People form societies for varied reasons including cultural and education and so many. The society registration act has defined all rules and regulations for registering a society as per the rules and regulations in order to work as a legal entity like a company as per the companies act. The Indian Society Registration Act 1860 allows the registration of literary, scientific and charitable society.

Society Registration Process India

Society registration is a legal process and one should follow each and every legal step implemented by the Society registration act 1860. In India, one registers a society both online and directly but online registration has been overtaking the traditional form of society registration. There are some well qualified and extensively trained trademarks and company registration professionals are providing society registration services at affordable prices. Society may be a public or private organization as per the wish of the founder members and other interested parties. One should apply to the society registration department of the Government along with important documents like the name of the society, name and address of the society members , registered office and other branch offices if any and the type or nature of the society like private or public organization.

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