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VAT Registration

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a form of sales tax and as the accounting point of view, it's a tax levied on the value added to a product or service or material. But a buyer thinks, it's a tax on the purchase price. Therefore, VAT registration is extremely important for business enterprises or for a seller to pay the VAT annually. The Central Sales and Excise Department collects VAT from all business entrepreneurs annually on the total transactions held in a year. These days, VAT registration services are widely available in the whole country by large numbers of trademark and corporate professionals including Charted Accountants, Cost Accountants and Company Secretary. As it's a compulsory tax payment to the Government, online VAT registration has been gaining huge popularity among business owners and manufacturers. VAT is collected from customers at the time of selling goods and services in the market and returned as per the Government rules and regulations.

VAT Registration Services in India

VAT registration services are catching fast in India among all business entrepreneurs and manufacturers as it's absolutely essential for filing VAT once in a year. Business has been extensively growing in India in each and every year and it needs to be registered the VAT under the rule of the Central Sales and Excise Department. Online VAT registration is the easiest and most simple form of VAT registration and one can do it by following certain steps as implemented by the Central Sales tax department. After VAT registration, one will get a VAT registration number in order to file the tax when it's due in once in a year. Therefore, VAT registration is hardly avoidable for a business entrepreneurs and manufacturer in the course of continuing his or her business operations.

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