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The IPR Law is the legal legislation that deals exclusively with the intellectual property in diverse economic sectors. This ipr law is represented by the intellectual property acts (ipr acts) of the country. All categories of commercial, industrial, or professional intellectual property are created, registered, regulated, and protected by these ipr act regulations at respective domestic and international jurisdictions. Immensely reputed worldwide for its complete gamut of legal services to all economic sectors in India and abroad, our law firm located in India provides the full-range of legal services for all categories of intellectual property, at domestic and international jurisdictions worldwide. In this article, informed about are our services for the ipr law in india exclusively, in the section below. All these services are also provided in individual countries located in all around the globe. At International level worldwide, our ipr law services are in relation to the TRIPS Agreement of the WTO, the WIPO, Berne or Paris Convention, and the European intellectual property organizations. In addition to the ipr laws, we provide perfect and responsible services for all areas of the legal practice in India and abroad.

Intellectual Property Act in India

Invaluable and vital intellectual property is broadly divided into the major and discrete categories of copyrights, trademarks and service marks, patents, industrial designs, and geographical indicators. In India, there are well-devised and refined acts for each of these categories. These are - the new Trade Marks Act, 1999; the Copyright Act, 1957; the Patents Act, 1970; the Designs Act, 2000, etc. Ours adept and mellow intellectual property attorneys provide the whole-gamut of services regarding every ipr act india, expertly. Each of these Indian ipr acts, is in harmony and close conformity with most of the globally recognized intellectual property acts, to facilitate and promote fair and smooth international business and trade. For registration and protection of diverse intellectual property, there are established well several zonal offices in all across the country, with well-defined jurisdictional areas. Our prominent and reputed legal organization has been serving and securing the intellectual property of diverse economic sectors of India under these all ipr acts, in all parts of the country, for over a decade.

IPR and Company Law

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