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Shop Act Registration

Shop act registration has been active since a long time ago. Every shop or business unit needs to register with the Government of their state in order to run their business legally. Business has evolved into various forms including sole trade business, partnership and company. But, shop is the most traditional form of business in India as one can start this type of business with limited amount of capital and no partners. As of now, online shop registration has been catching fact among business owners due to its simplicity and flexibility. Every shop needs to be registered as per their state government rules and regulations in order to prevent future obstacles. Sole trade business is absolutely popular and it has a long history in India as a successful business unit. Our government has defined separate rules and regulation for different business enterprises like for sole trade business, partnership and limited company.

The following important documents need to be submitted along with application form at the time of applying for shop registration:
  • The name of the company along with owner's name and other partner's name if any.
  • Business or shop location and nature of the business
  • It must be registered in the state where it has been doing business.

Shop Act Registration Services in India

India is growing impeccably in terms of its business as there are numbers of business enterprises are coming to the Indian soil in order to tap the huge potential of this market. In India, every state has their own rules and regulations for registering shops and other establishments those are dealing with different classes of business. The Chief Inspector of Shop (CIS) is the person who registers and keeps a close watch on the legality of every business enterprise since inception. Shop act registration is extremely inevitable for all kinds of shops to run day to day business operations.

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