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Firm Registration

Firm is an association of persons and therefore, firm registration is inevitable in order to run the business for a longer period of time. There are numbers of firms are present in these days including sole trade business and partnership firms with their respective business models. Firm registration is a legal process and one should seek the help of some trademark professionals in order to make the firm registration process successful. Sole trade business enterprises are absolutely simple to start and register as per the rules and regulations. Partnership firms are the association of two persons in order to continue a particular business operation in order to make profits. Indian Partnership Act 1932 regulates and administers all partnership firms based out of India. Online firm registration is the need of the hour and has been extensively growing as this process is absolutely simple as compared than other mediums.

Online Firm Registration Services

Online firm registration services are growing in each and every day in order to meet the growing demand of business entrepreneurs. When it comes to firm registration, one should need the help of trademark and legal professionals as they are the right people in handling online firm registration services. There are different rules and regulations are applied for different firms and business units as per the Government laws of a country. One can directly log into the website of a firm registration and fill up the requisite information like name of the firm, nature of the business and name and address of board members and directors in order make the registration successful. The Registrar of Partnership is the governing body which is appointed under the Government of India in order to check and allow partnership registration certificate if they meet all the eligibility criteria. Therefore, firm registration plays a very crucial role after incorporating of a business unit in order to make profits and live longer.

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