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Copyright Law

The Copyright Law deals prudently and exclusively with all matters and issues related with copyrights. In addition to proper registration and legal protection of all creations and matters copyright, this copyright law provides certain legitimate and exclusive rights to the copyright owners or holders regarding the personal and commercial uses of the copyright matters, commercial reproduction and hiring and trading of the same, and the right to sue against misuses, misappropriations, and infringements upon the matters copyright. Such a copyright law or copyright act is in every country at domestic level, for copyright registration and protection of all copyright matters and creations, within its domestic jurisdiction. For copyright registration, recognition, and protection in the international arenas worldwide, there are some globally acclaimed international and regional copyright laws, nurtured and promoted by the TRIPS Agreement of WTO, Berne or Paris Convention, the Universal Copyright Convention, and the Rome Convention.

Copyright Law Outline India

In India, the copyright law resorted exclusively for copyright registration and protection of new creations and works in all concerned fields of commerce, profession, and other economic sectors, is the Copyright Act, 1957. All new creations and works belonging to the categories of the literary, artistic, musical, photographic, sculptural, cinematographic, dramatic, etc., are recognized and made fully secured by this copyright law india. The benefits provided by this copyright law are mentioned already in the copyright law basics given above. Creations and works are registered with the zonal copyright offices located in all across the country. In addition to well-rounded and economical support to Indian people and entities for their domestic copyright registrations, ours one of the reputed and leading law firms of India, also provides them expert services for copyright registration and protection in connection with the above-mentioned international copyright conventions.

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