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Trademark Agent

Any legal organization, law firm, or accredited agency, which provides reliable services for registration of trademarks at domestic or international level, is generically known as a trademark agent. Our law firm well-established in India has now acquired worldwide prominence and reputation owing to its complete gamut of legal services in countries all across the entire world, for over a decade. Apart from other legal services it essentially and inevitably provides the full-range of services regarding registration and protection of trademarks in jurisdictions worldwide, to the sectors of commerce, industry, and profession. Hence, ours law firm is one of the famous and reputed trademark registration agents in the world, for offering perfect and swift trademark agent services to individuals and entities in all concerned fields of economy. These trademark agent services are described separately in the below section, for lavish convenience to the readers and visitors. These specialties of ours law firm make us hugely and widely prominent regarding creditable and perfect trademark agent search in India and abroad.

Trademark Registration Agent Services

As one of the acclaimed and leading trademark agents in India, our services encompass the tasks and activities of comprehensive and refined support for creation of appropriate and glamorous trademark, critical trademark search (national or international) for verifying originality and prompt acceptability of the trademark proposed, drafting trademark application as per the rules and regulations prescribed by the registration authority, filing this application and prosecuting for swift and best registration, raising trademark opposition, scrupulous trademark monitoring, trademark dispute resolution, and trademark infringement litigation. Depending upon the choices of our clients these services can support them till the trademark registration or beyond. In individual countries trademark registrations are made in accordance with their respective domestic trademark law or act; for example, in India these are carried out under the regulations of the new Trade Marks Act, 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules, 2002, and filed at zonal offices in all across the country. At level international, trademark registration and protection under the TRIPS Agreement of WTO, Berne or Paris Convention, Madrid Protocol of WIPO, and the European Community Trademark (CTM), are performed proficiently by our well-equipped legal organization.

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