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Trademark Law

The discrete and perfect law that recognizes and protects trademarks and service marks in all associated economic fields, within the concerned jurisdiction, is the trademark law. In addition to trademark laws in individual countries at domestic level, there are some international trademark laws for such purposes, to facilitate and promote international businesses worldwide. Ours this elaborately prepared article is dedicated to provide all about these trademark laws (trademark law basics), trademark law india, and international trademark laws prevailing in the present world of businesses. In any country, the trademark law is represented by its domestic trademark act, and associated trademark rules, and is universally applicable to trademarks and service marks in all concerned fields of its national economy. This trademark law offers instructions and guidance regarding the creation, registration, utilization, and protection of every trademark or service mark within the specified country. Certain legitimate and exclusive rights to the owners of all registered trademarks are inherently grants by this trademark law regarding diverse business utilization of their respective trademarks, proper security to those, and filing of rigorous lawsuits against the illegal uses or infringements by other people or entities. Today, at international level, the most reputed and influential trademark laws are promulgated by the TRIPS Agreement of WTO, Madrid Protocol of WIPO, Berne or Paris Convention, and the European Community Trademark.

Trademark Law India Outline

In this section, the trademark law outlines concerning India are given, to serve our visitors and clients comprising of Indian and global businessmen, investors, and corporate entities engaged in diverse economic sectors. For doing business in any part of or in all across the whole country, trademarks and service marks in various economic fields of India are exclusively and strictly registered, regulated, and protected by the New Trade Marks Act, 1999, and the Trade Marks Rules, 2002. Trademarks and service marks classified under all classes of the trademark classification are well-served by the Indian trademark law, which is in full conformity and close harmony with most of the above-specified international trademark laws. For proper and convenient registration and swift and rigorous protection, there are situated several zonal trademark offices in all across the country in the well-connected locations of Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, and Ahmedabad (Gujarat). Ours one of the reputed law firms in India has been providing the whole gamut of legal and supportive services regarding trademarks and service marks in every part of India, for over a decade, impeccably and rather economically.

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