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Trademark Logo

Trademark logo is a sign or a symbol which is often considered as the brand of a business organization or an enterprise after its incorporation. Trademark logo may be a symbol or a picture or any graphical representation of a company or enterprise towards the public. After a company is incorporated, then the next step is to find a unique trademark logo and followed by application to registering that logo in the name of business owner. Trademark logo registration is a process and one should follow each and every step defined by the trademark registration act in order to avoid any trademark infringement case in future. Trademark registration act includes 45 classes of goods and services out of which 34 classes are for only goods and rest 11 classes are meant for different services.

There are three different trademark logos are available as per the trademark registration act in India
  • TM is for unregistered goods
  • SM is for unregistered services
  • R is used for registered trademarks

Trademark Logo Registration Services

All trademark registration firms and legal agencies are providing trademark logo registration services to numerous business clients. Trademark attorneys or trademark lawyers are the best qualified persons who can teach how to register a trademark logo or symbol as per the trademark registration act. A business entrepreneur should register his or her trademark logo as per the nature of goods and services he is dealing with in order to protect the right and identity among rivals. These days, business environment has been extensively growing with new kind of business enterprises therefore, it�s inevitable to find your own unique trademark logo and register it in order to attract potential buyers across the world. Trademark logo registration is a complex process and one should hire a professional trademark attorney in order to register it without any hassles. It will give your business a new identity amongst business markets.

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