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Logo Registration in Nagpur

Company logo is an essential element of corporate design, which is an important part of corporate identity. We see him as the embodiment of a philosophy - of how he wants to work outside. The concept of logo allegedly based on the Greek word logos, which has a broad meaning and can mean as speech, word, reason, story, meaning and purpose. Logo is therefore a visual symbol of a certain brand.

Trade mark in terms of sales and marketing refers to a specific product, service, organization, or even an individual. The logo is not only to reframe the icon, slogan or any design but also put the relevant information describing typical features and characteristics about the company or business. The logo is also a type of intellectual property rights to the name, word, phrase, logo, symbol, image, or a combination of these elements. The owner of a registered trademark may through certain acts prevent unauthorized use of the brand.

For the same here we bring you with logo registration in Nagpur where the team of well versed attorneys and solicitors will help you in suggesting the complete logo registration process in Nagpur how to design, where to submit application, what is logo search, what is logo protection and ho to process and lots more about Intellectual Property Rights.

We are expert in offering the IPR services where we look after all the possible business law needs of the client
  • We offer the best of logo designing.
  • We offer the best of logo search in respect of originality or novelty of proposed logo.
  • We prepare your legal documents needed for filing an application.
  • We make your prepare for submitting their forum and documents like fees require for logo registration in Nagpur.
  • If there is any objection or rejection of file; we re-submit it where we sure about successful registration.
  • We also make you with logo protection and renewal in case of expiry.

Besides these; we do your favor while serving with complete segment of IPR including trademark, brand, logo, patent and copyright offer by best team of IPR attorneys in India.

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