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Service Tax Registration

Service tax is a tax levied on people for using various services and they are liable to pay service tax as per the government rules and regulations. Service tax registration is a process and one should follow each and every step in order to complete the registration process and get a service tax number. Through service tax, our Government keeps a close watch on the income level of an individual and those are paying their tax on time. Service tax is paid to the Central Government as it's the part of Government exchequer and national revenue. Service tax number is 15 digit number allotted to an individual by which he or she can pay service tax when it's due. There are numbers of legal agencies with the help of some reputed lawyers are providing service tax registration services in order to file service tax once in a year. These days, online service tax is also highly popular as it offers hassle free facilities to all.

Service Tax Registration Services

Service tax registration services are immensely popular among all and all these services are provided by well qualified and richly experienced corporate professionals. Everybody needs to pay their service tax after using some services which include telephone, electricity and water. Service tax is paid when a particular service is available and some people take the route of online in order to pay service tax and one can pay in advance service tax also. As per the Income Tax Department of India, one has to file service tax on the basis of service tax rate which is fixed annually by the Government of India. When it comes to service tax registration, one should take the help of corporate professionals for better and smooth registration services.

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