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Company Law

The Company Law is one of the major and magnificent areas of the legal practice in any country, and the most significant and vital law for the businesses in all economic sectors. All diverse categories of companies are incorporated, regulated, and protected by this company law within the jurisdiction concerned. Ours this highly profitable article offers precious information concisely about the company law or company act, company law india, and ours well-rounded services for the company law in India and all other countries abroad. Perfect and discerning legal services for the international commercial laws are additionally provided by ours expert and mellow company attorneys and corporate lawyers. Here, let me first clear, what is company law exactly. The company law is the legislation which gives the State or Federal Government of a country the whole gamut of sovereign powers to govern and regulate the formation, registration, functioning, financing, growth and expansion, and winding up of all types of companies in its diverse economic sectors. Immensely famous worldwide for ours complete range of legal services, our well-equipped law firm provides all supportive and legal services regarding the company law and commercial law, exclusively and economically in jurisdictions all around the globe.

Company India Act 1956

In India, the company law is represented by the Companies Act, 1956, and is obviously the most significant and vital legislation regarding the businesses in its all economic fields. All prominent types of companies, industries, institutions, and organizations (including not-for-profit organizations) in India are incorporated and regulated by this company act 1956. This company act is applicable and effective in all States and Union Territories of India, except the State of Jammu & Kashmir, for such purposes. To be at par with world standards, this company act of India has been frequently amended from time to time; the amendments in the year 1990, 1996, 2000, and 2011 being remarkable. For proper and strict compliance of rules and regulations contained in this company act, its section 609 advocates for establishment of offices for the registrars of companies in all major States of India in all across the country. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Company Law Board, etc., are other means for implementing governance and regulation prescribed by this company law.

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