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Company Formation

Company is an artificial person as per the business language and therefore, it needs to be incorporated and registered as per the company registration act. Company formation includes various legal procedures to set up a company and to maintain it for a long period of time. Indian Companies registration act came into existence in the year 1956 in order to regulate and control all the Indian companies those want to establish their business operations in India. These days, company formation can take place in both online and offline as per the needs of business entrepreneurs. In India, there are two types of companies are available including private and public limited company. A private limited company is one which needs two shareholders and maximum are fifty and these shareholders don't have the right to transfer shares from one another. Whereas, a public limited company is one which needs minimum 7 shareholders and there is no maximum limit in terms of shareholders and all shareholders can enjoy free transferable rights.

Offshore Company Formation Procedure

These days, offshore company registration services are widely reaching to everyone who wants to go global with their new business ventures. Offshore company registration has numerous benefits starting from tax benefits to financial assistance. Company formation is a professional service which has been increasing in each passing day with numbers business entrepreneurs from across the world. Offshore company in many times never do business in its origin country as all these types of companies are registered under the jurisdiction of another country where one can enjoy more benefits over their own country. Therefore, zeroing on any particular country for offshore company registration often needs professional help from an expert and business strategists. There are large numbers of legal and corporate professionals those are well proficient in this matter are providing offshore company registration services.

IPR and Company Law

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