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Trademark Registration in Ghaziabad

A trademark is a corporate sign that is being used to promote the goods and services of respective companies and is also followed to distinguish goods or services on the market that are generally produced from different manufacturers. Earlier the trademarks were only being followed just to bring the recognition about respective goods and services on the part of the final consumers but now are also used to make the society familiar about new launches and for promotion of different products and services. The main objective and purpose of a trademark act 1999 in India is to distinguish the goods or services of the similar theme that are being produced or provided by different manufacturers in the corporate world. Under this section here we bring you with trademark in ghaziabad where the trademarks help consumers to more easily orient in a range of products and services and select the goods according to your wishes. As a result of extensive media advertising distributed mainly to the mark as a trade name or mark individual businesses become an integral part of our daily life. On the platform laid by trademark act 1999 in India there are several rules and guidelines that on need to follow while applying for trademark registration in Ghaziabad.

Before moving ahead with TM registration in ghaziabad; the first thing that you should consider is
  • trademark should be unique and must match with nature of business;
  • the proposed business mark should not conflict with any of the religion sign, any trust or society or community mark;
  • trademark should not rise any public confliction;
  • should be designed in a language that can easy be understand;
  • should not mislead to any of the geographical location;
  • business mark should be filed in good faith not to disturb to any of the already registered business marks;

Besides these; you can design or represent your trademark in any of the form as prescribed in the table of trademark act 1999 in India; as logo, icon, 3d shape, numerical, text, wording and many more. It is essential that one should be very clear with each and every section of the same TM act before filing an application to the concern authority. Here; we as an IPR law firm brings you with the complete segment of trademark registration in Ghaziabad under the guidance and supervision of TM experts.

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