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Trademark Registration in Gwalior

A trademark is a sign capable of graphic or spatial representation may therefore be a word, phrase or logo that distinguishes a product or products and services from others. So how trademark law governs with us? This is the Trademark act 1999 in India that regulates all the rules and guidelines for trademark registration in Gwalior. Trademark can be registered locally, national wise and at international level. The condition is that the application should comply with each and every rules of trademark of the region where it need to get registration.

A trademark may consist of any sign or symbol that is capable of ironically graphic representation, particularly words, slogan, phrase including company name, logo, personal names, 3 D shapes with different colors, sketch or shaded designs, numerals. The proposed trademark can be used at any of the company material, promotional substances, company leaflets, letter heads and many more. With the trademark it is the easiest way of reaching to your target audience.

The protection period registered trademark is 10 years from the date of filing with the Office. Protection period is possible at the request of the proprietor renewable for another 10 years. An application for renewal may be filed first in last year's trade period, but prior to its expiration. Increased fee for an application for renewal is not submitted within six months after that date. If no application for renewal is filed, the mark lapses.

Before trademark registration be sure your proposed business sign must be unique and easy understandable. It is must be defined in accordance of trademark act 1999 in India. One minor mistake can decline your trademark filing application. Thus, it is recommended to get avail the services from trademark expert where you will find authentic value.

Here we serve you with trademark registration in Gwalior where we prepare with all of your legal documents; will fill your application, will get your trademark protected while processing with trademark watch, we will serve you with trademark renew and many more. Besides these, we will also offer best of IPR services including copyright, patent and in respect of any of the industrial design. Do call at +91-88001-00281 to contact the proficient team of trademark in Gwalior.

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