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Trademark Registration in Kanpur

Every business man or entrepreneur follows his or her marketing strategies where trademark has been played a crucial role. In past few decades; the strategy of trademark has somewhere made the corporate world strict and straight forward. Out of any infringement and misuse; trademark gives an opportunity to the business man to run his or her business smoothly. Trademark represent the company or business to the across the nation and international. Here under this section of trademark in Kanpur we make you familiar about respective rules and regulations.

Trademark can be represent in any form of
  • Text,
  • 3D shape
  • Graphical sketch or icon
  • Logo
  • Numerical
  • Alphabetical
  • Phrase or words or slogan adding with sound effects

As per trademark act 1999 in India there are varied forms under which you can register your trademark in Kanpur. Registration of trademark brings a set of powers and rights to the part of its owner. There is a legal right that no one can use the already registered business mark without the consent of its owner. Secondly; in case anyone copy or misuse the already registered trademark; then there is complete right in respect of its owner to sue against the same.

Trademark registration comprised of varied stages including trademark search that gives an idea about originality of proposed business mark; filing an application for registration of trademark; where you need to mention the complete details of your proposed trademark means where to launch, classification and many more. After verification of all these trademark documents, the concern authority will issue you a certificate of trademark registration in Kanpur. It takes 2 to 3 years to get certificate of trademark registration. Besides these; if incase your application got rejected out of any reason then you need to resubmit as per the trademark act 1999 in India. Here in India there are four major TM offices where you can file your trademark application in Mumbai, Ahemdabad, Delhi and Chennai. We as a trademark firm in India offers complete services in trademark registration in Kanpur, trademark search, trademark protection, trademark renew and lots more.

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