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Trademark Registration in Roorkee

If you did design a logo for your business, then it must be to be registered as a trademark in order to ensure that it is protected from plagiarism and that you have the right to exclusive use of the logo! A trademark or trademark is any "symbol or a sign" that a person or company uses to distinguish their products or services from those sold by other people. In a nutshell it is a distinctive feature that allows consumers to recognize a particular product or service in a particular entity.

Here; we do bring the complete details about a trademark in roorkee that may be of slogan, image, word, color, shape, icon that is capable to distinguish goods and services from one manufacturer to another.

The trademark registration brings a set of exclusive rights to the part of trademark owner that include:
  • The right to use the registered trademark on the goods and / or services designated in the application.
  • The right to authorize others to use the mark on such goods and / or services.
  • The right to take legal action against persons who have violated such rights.
Besides these, there are many more benefits of trademark registration in roorkee that can easily be exercised by any of the business sign registered under the trademark act 1999 in India.
  • Trademark is capable to add value to the business where by it is easy to get recognize the respective goods and services by selecting the favorite brand.
  • Trademark will brings a sense of competition by making the corporate sector with different signs and symbols.
  • Prevents others initiate infringement proceedings against you for unauthorized use of a trademark. Without registration, you can get inadvertently in violation of the rights of another user, which can cost a substantial amount of money for the lawsuit.

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For trademark registration you need to get familiar about all segments of trademark act 1999 in India. First you need design an appropriate business sign that must be in accordance of trademark act. After designing your business mark get conduct trademark search to check its originality. After trademark search do file an application to the respective trademark office in India in Delhi or in Mumbai or in Ahmedabad or Kolkata. Along with application you also need to pay fees, other documents and legal forums. After successful verification of all the documents the concern authority will issue a certificate of trademark in roorkee.

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