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Trademark Registration in Jammu Kashmir

Trademark is a sign capable of distinguishing a company, a product, a service, from the other.

The main objective of the trademark is to maintain the list of loyal customers and to raise the popularity it is large extend. Registering trademark and putting over the promotional materials of the company is the best and economical way of promoting business in all across the nation and international level. Trademark can be represent as text, numbers, icon, design, 3d sketch or many more as per prescribed forms mentioned under trademark act 1999 in India.

We as an IPR firm offers complete services in different aspects of intellectual property rights including trademark, copyright and patent. We bring you with comprehensive information management system for trademarks, patents and industrial and utility models. Our system modules of IPR covering the entire agenda of trademark in Jammu and Kashmir and offers the better control of all cases of industrial property rights, costs and processes in the company. Trademarkattorneysindia was developed in close cooperation with renowned experts in the field of industrial law protection in order to bring all professionals who deal with trademarks, patents, etc., provides an effective management tool while offering best trademark services in Jammu and Kashmir.

Here; we offer best of trademark search in order to explore the originality of the proposed business mark. We also serve you with the best of filing an application for trademark registration in Jammu and Kashmir. Besides these we also put your application for hiring process or resubmission of application in case of rejection of application. We also put best efforts for trademark protection and trademark watch while protecting your trademark from being getting infringement. We also favor you in renewing your trademark after respective period.

Procedure for registration of the trademark in Jammu and Kashmir consists of three parts:
  • Application to register the trade mark;
  • Application for registration of a trademark (or supplement the elimination of errors);
  • Trade mark (if not the opposition, in the case of appeals recognized as legitimate registration is possible until after adjustments depending on the opposition).

The first step in trademark registration is filing a trademark application for the Industrial Property Office. The application may be submitted by a natural or legal person - applicant, and may relate to only one sign.

Applications for trademark registration in Jammu and Kashmir must include:
  • application for registration of the trademark;
  • data allowing identification of the applicant (name, permanent address, nationality of the applicant, the name, business name and address);
  • or clear text reproduction and allowing the representation of the sign (in the case of three-dimensional sign representation of its surface). Representation of the mark is required in duplicate;
  • List of goods and services for which registration of the mark as a trade mark in the register. The list of the goods or services specified in the classification under an international convention.

If the submission does not contain the necessary particulars, it is not an application. The main application is quite simple, most of the time takes a look at the Classification (list of classes of goods and services) products and services which the applicant wishes to protect. The whole process from staged to send completed application can handle for a half day to one day. In the Classification provides basic recommended products and services. As to what the entrepreneur wants to protect are among them, you need to use it in the formulation of the Classification. If not, you need a product or service factually formulate and put in the correct class. International classification includes 45 classes, including 34 classes of goods and 11 classes of services. Thus, in the whole process of trademark registration in Jammu and Kashmir; you can contact to us where we guide and will serve with best services.

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