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Trademark Registration in Mumbai

A trademark is a form of intellectual property, valid for ten years and in the tenth year of the period may be extended repeatedly that protects particular; trademark can be of any type including :-

  • Company Name
  • Logo
  • Product Name
  • Advertising slogans

While selecting the form and type of trademark; be sure it should be unique and easy to recognize by the target audience. Trademarks in mumbai we choose the most appropriate according to the client's specific situation.

  • Word - the word mark company name, product, service, slogan
  • Numerical - Trademark can be design with numbers.
  • Image - drawing, graphic design abstract logo
  • Combined - graphically arranged in the form of name logos
According to business clients opt for the validity of the mark:
  • National - trademark valid in the India
  • International - mark applies in designated countries
  • Community - Community trade mark valid in the selected community

As owners of trademarks, our clients have the exclusive rights in-together with the right to use a trademark symbols ® or TM. No one shall, without the consent of the trademark owner to use identical or confusingly similar designation. Trademark in Mumbai the owner has right to license. After ten years of the trademark registration one needs to restore each for the next ten years.

Trade mark rights provide maximum competitive advantage. Trademark rights are "stronger" than as "mere" protection designation under the Commercial Code, in possible violation of the rights free-riding, imitation, etc. registered trademark greatly facilitates the evidentiary. Designation R or TM is a powerful advertising motive and competition also gives the customer clear the privileged position that bear the logo.

For registration one need to comply in accordance of trademark act 1999 where before filing an application for trademark registration in Mumbai you need to conduct trademark search in order to get confirm about the originality of the business mark. After conducting successful trademark search; get file your trademark application. After verification of all the legal documents and forum by the higher authority you can demand for certification of trademark registration in mumbai.

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