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Design Registration in Chandigarh

Design identifies the products and services of the respective business or company in the business world. You can stand by the quality of a company and include as well as patents to its intellectual property. Strong design represents as an asset of the business where it can easily recognize by its target clients.

Design is registered as a trademark. Words, letters, numbers, pictures, and even colors and acoustic signals can be protected as a trademark. Let's come up with distinctive and unique characters! Otherwise your application for design registration will get rejected. Best design is only called to which is unique and easy understand by the target audience. The design must be enough to differentiate the products and services being produced and offered by different manufacturers in the same corporate market.

Here we as a IPR law firm offer the best of design registration services in Chandigarh where the long team of well versed and highly qualified attorneys will offer you with the complete design registration process in Chandigarh.

  • We make your design perfect as per trademark act 1999 in India.
  • We do offer trademark search before file an application for design registration in Chandigarh.
  • We do prepare all the legal documents and forums needed for file an application for logo registration in Chandigarh.
  • In case of any objection or rejection we do prepare for re-submitting of application to the concern authority.
  • We also apply for certification for the same.

With the registration of the mark, the holder acquires the exclusive right to use the mark for the protected goods and / or services. Brands can be sold at any time and are sold by the trademark owner. The owner of a mark may, moreover the right to use its brand grant. Thus, to reap the complete legal benefits in respect of Intellectual Property Rights get avail the credible services in design registration in Chandigarh call at +91-8800100281 or .

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