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Copyright Application

Copyright is the legal right given to the original creator of the creative works. Copyright application is the initial stage of the whole process of copyright registration and it should be done carefully. All creative works including drama, music and paintings need copyright in order to save these works from illegal usage. Indian Copyright Act 1957 is the act under which all creative works registered in order to protect the original work and give a sense of security to the original author. All aspiring copyright holders need to follow the copyright application process in order to register their works very smoothly and easily with the help of professionals. Indian Copyright Act 1957 is the part of British Copyright Act 1914 and almost all rules and regulations same in these two copyright acts. But, in India, since then, copyright act has been amended three times first in the year 1983, in 1994 and finally in the year 1999 to accommodate new and emerging copyright issues.

Copyright Application Process India

The copyright application differs from one country to another as per the rules and regulations of their Government. One files a copyright application to the IPR department of the Government with all the details regarding the creative works of an individual. It's a legal process and it involves various steps and process and therefore, a copyright attorney is the right person to file an application for aspiring copyright owner. In India, there are numbers of leading copyright registration firms have been offering wide range of copyright registration services which includes copyright search, copyright patent name registration. One should pay the copyright registration fee along with the application to the IPR department as per the rules and regulations. As of now, the application fee is around 50 rupees for per applicant and some works may need 400 to 600 Indian rupees for registering license and copyright of the dramatic and literary works.

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