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PCT Filing

Let me begin with the question, what is pct filing. The PCT Filing is filing of a patent application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) which is operated prudently and responsibly by WIPO. This visionary pct filing is for seeking registration and recognition to any new invention in one or more countries which are parties to this international patent treaty. Such requirements arise when a company in any business or profession field wants to extend its business to international arenas associated with this PCT. To promote such objectives the patent cooperation treaty was set up in the year 1970, and now, it has about 150 countries as parties to this treaty. Thus, this pct patent filing is an accredited and elegant means for obtaining patent registration and recognition in all the countries parties to it, through filing just a single patent application with the Receiving Office of PCT. The pct filing procedure, and the pct filing timeline are described in the sections below.

PCT Patent Filing Procedure

The unified and standard procedure of pct filing requires only a single well-drafted patent application to be forwarded to the Receiving Office (RO). On receipt of the filed pct patent application, the PCT Authorities conduct censorious examination and scrupulous patent search, in order to create a proper and accredited written statement regarding the patentability and acceptability of the forwarded application. This critical and responsible patent search is usually performed by the prestigious International Searching Authority (ISA), or the International Preliminary Examining Authority (IPEA). After consent and approval of pct authorities, the pct application then enters into the national phase, for further examination and subsequent registration at the concerned domestic level in the desired country. Our globally famous and worldwide connected law firm provides rigorous and perfect legal services at all junctures during this entire pct application procedure.

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