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Copyright Registration

The copyright registration is the responsible task or scrupulous process of obtaining one's original creations securely registered by the concerned copyright authority at domestic or international level. Any such copyright registration offers to the creator certain legitimate rights regarding the safety and commercial reproduction and uses of the materials thus copyright, in addition to providing recognition and legal protection to the matters copyright within the jurisdiction of the registration authority. Our law firm established well in India has been offering the whole gamut of diverse legal services to all economic sectors in all across the world, inherently including the intellectual property law and copyrights. All categories of creations and work requiring copyright registration are served proficiently and impeccably by our well-learned and widely experienced copyright attorneys in India and abroad. In our services for copyright registration india described below, these diverse categories of creations to be copyright are separately illustrated. Apart from the copyright registrations in the domestic jurisdictions worldwide, adroitly served by our well-experienced copyright attorneys are international copyright registrations under the TRIPS Agreement, Berne or Paris Convention, the Universal Copyright Convention, and the Rome Convention.

Copyright Registration Services India

Our services regarding the copyright registration are economically available at all stages of the copyright registration process in India and abroad. These stages or phases during the copyright registration process are creation or production of any original work, verification of its originality and non-interference with the registered copyright materials of other people or entity, making necessary and prudent alterations or modification in the work to avert the possibilities of making infringement upon the copyright matters of others, filing the copyright application for registration, and prosecuting for perfect and swift copyright registration with the concerned domestic or international copyright authority. These details are also useful regarding how to register a copyright, with the help of any experienced copyright attorney. Our copyright attorneys of international acclamation and reputation have been providing dedicated and discerning services for copyright registrations under the Copyright Act, 1957 of India regarding - all types of literary and dramatic works; all types of paintings and drawing, including architectural layouts and drawings; all categories of audio and visual musical creations; all sorts of sculptural works; all variety of photographic collections; and all choreographic and cinematographic works.

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