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Patent Registration

Meticulous and rigorous services for perfect patent registration in India and abroad, are essential and highly significant among ours all legal services to people and entities in diverse economic sectors. Here, in this article, we are offering highly productive information regarding the patent registrations in domestic and international levels in jurisdictions worldwide, and our elegant and discerning services for these. The below section exclusively covers information about ours patent registration services in all across India, for Indian and foreign people and entities pertaining to various economic fields. But, let me start from the fundamentals as to what is patent registration. The patent registration is the process or instance of getting any new invention in any business or profession field properly registered by the desired and prescribed patent authority at domestic or national, or the international level. All supportive and legal services during the entire patent registration process are discussed in the section below separately. In addition to swift and flawless services for patent registrations in domestic jurisdictions in countries worldwide, our veteran and refined patent attorneys also offer proficient services regarding patent registrations under the TRIPS Agreement, Patent Cooperation Treaty, Berne or Paris Convention, and the European Patent Convention.

Patent Registration Services India

Our services for patent registration in India are extended responsibly and economically for all fields of business, industry, and profession, in all around the whole country, strictly in compliance with the Patents Act of 1970 and the Patent Rules of 1972. Both product patents and process patents are comprehensively and expertly served by our well-informed and internationally reputed patent attorneys. Punctual and proper filing of patent applications is made with patent offices situated in Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. Our patent registration services in India or abroad, all along the whole patent registration process encompass discerning and well-informed support regarding creation of an invention, verifying its originality and patentability through censorious patent searches at national or international level, drafting patent specification as per the rules of the authority concerned, filing patent application, and making rigorous patent prosecution for the best possible rights and results. To facilitate the international businesses of Indian people and entities, services for patent registrations under the above-mentioned international patent conventions are additionally provided expertly.

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