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Copyright Protection

Copyright is the intellectual property of a creative artists or any person who has owned it by doing the registration. Copyright protection refers copyright prevention or copyright restriction or content prevention as per the copyright protection law or rules and regulations. One should apply to the copyright registration department of a country by mentioning or giving the details about the creative works like drama, lyrics and films in order to register in his or her name. Copyright protection is absolutely essential for all creative works in order to protect it from misuses or illegal usage by another party. No other party can use or sell the work of another party without the legal consent of the original owner if that party has own the original copyright. Copyright protection is extremely essential in case of film rights, music rights where maximum numbers of illegal usage happens in each and every day. Therefore, copyright protection or copy protection plays a very crucial role in today's creative world.

Copyright Protection Law in India

India is the hub of many world renowned creative artists and they are creating various masterpiece works in each and every day. Therefore, copyright is vital for them in order to protect their rights from illegal usage by other persons. Copyright Registration Act came into India in the year 1957 and it's an extension of the British Copyright Law 1911. Since then, all copyrights have been administered and maintained under the Indian Copyright Registration Act 1957. Indian copyright protection law has defined all rules and regulation including various amendments for copyright registration for all aspiring copyright owners. The Indian copyright act includes many international copyright law and treaties like Indian is the member country of Berne Convention of 1886 of the Universal Copyright Convention of 1951. Primarily, Indian copyright work generally refers to a literary, dramatic or music production.

The following rules are applicable for Indian Copyright registration:
  • An author must be an Indian citizen
  • The work must be published in India

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