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Patent Filing

Ours this elaborately created article provides well-rounded and exclusive information about the patent filing in India and abroad, and our flawless and swift patent filing services for domestic and international patent filings worldwide. But, it would be best to start with clarification regarding what is patent filing. The patent filing is the process or instance of forwarding a patent application to the concerned domestic or international patent office or authority, for proper registration of the invention described in the patent application. Such registration gives accreditation, recognition, and necessary protection to the filed invention, which are pre-requisite for doing business in any fields, anywhere in the world. The domestic patent filing in any country provides these benefits to business entities only within its domestic jurisdiction, for nationwide conduction of their respective business. For doing international business dealings and transactions with companies in foreign countries, patents require mandatory registration with the pertinent international or regional patent authority or regulatory body.

Patent Filing Services in India

Our patent filing services to India are provided for patent registrations in all across India, and for perfect and swift patent registration under the TRIPS Agreement, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), Berne or Paris Convention, and European Patent Convention (EPC), for Indian people and entities. The patent filings are made with all provincial patent offices in Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. Our internationally reputed patent attorneys have been helping businessmen, professionals, and business entities active in various fields of business and profession, during the entire patent filing procedure in India. The services encompassed during this procedure are - well-informed and expert counsel for making and finalizing the desired invention in any field, performing discerning and scrupulous patent searches to verify its originality and non-interference with the patents of others, suggesting points for necessary modifications to the invention in the light of information gained by patent searches, elegant and impeccable drafting of patent application as per the latest rules and regulations of the authority concerned, filing the patent application with the prescribed zonal patent office, and rigorous patent prosecution for acquiring the best possible patent rights.

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