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Patent Search

The patent search, is the censorious and discerning searching through the databases of all registered patents and all filed patent applications seeking registration, within the domestic or international jurisdictions concerned. The obvious and ultimate purpose of the patent search is to verify the originality and uniqueness of the new invention in any economic fields, and avoid making infringement upon the registered or applied patents of other entities within the jurisdiction, in the same or different fields of business or profession. Our this article offers the visitors highly productive information about the patent search, how to search a patent in India or abroad, and our swift, reliable, and impeccable services for scrupulous patent search worldwide. For doing international business, distinguished recognition to patents by international patent authorities is recommended, in addition to the domestic or national accreditation. To fulfill these business requirements ours well-resourced and globally prominent law firm offers prompt and superb patent search services through the databases of WTO (TRIPS Agreement), WIPO (PCT), Berne or Paris Convention, and the European Patent Convention (EPC).

Patent Search Services in India

Our services for dependable patent search in India are an essential ancillary service by our proficient and refined patent attorneys, in connection with patent registration. To search a patent database scrupulously they go meticulously through the databases of all previously registered patents so far in India, and the database of all patent applications forwarded for registration in all across the country, in the specified field of business or profession. Apart from domestic patent searches for Indian people and entities engaged in various fields, we also on request perform patent searches at international level, to help them in getting international patent registration and protection. A perfect and responsible patent search by a seasoned and mellow patent attorney helps business companies and professional institutions in - checking originality and novelty of the new invention, finding suggestions for modification or refinement in the invention, avoiding infringements upon the patents of others, getting details about the contemporary techniques and technology being used, outlining the facts that make and avert infringements on patents of others, etc.

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