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Copyright Rights

Copyright is the legal right given to the original creator or innovator of the creative work. It's a right one can keep with him or her for a long period of time in order to use it in future. Copyright is the exclusive right of an original author and it's very much required to protect as he or she has created by giving many efforts. Copyright is given all artistic works which include drama, lyrics and music and other artistic works. It's like an intellectual property like trademark or patent which needs legal registration as per the copyright registration rules and regulations of a country in order to protect the original name of an author. Each country has their own copyright registration rules and regulations but in India, copyright law came in the year 1957 and after that it has been amended in three times in order to accommodate newer and more developments. Copyright rights are the exclusive rights acquired by a creator for a creative work.

Copyright Right Usage Terms

Copyright right is a legal right and only the original owner can use it wherever he or she wants to use for various purposes. Copyright usage terms are used to showcase the registered copyrights which are used for numbers of reasons. Copyright is the actual right which can't be transferred from one person to another unless the original owner wants to give. The duration of a copyright right span over 60 years in India or until the author is alive. Therefore, copyright registration is extremely inevitable for all creative artists in order to preserve their rights for a long period of time. Copyright is allowed in all creative works including arts, painting, and music and film production. It's every right of an artist to claim for his or her works at any time for copyright.

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