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Design Registration

Design is a part of an Intellectual Property (IP) and therefore, design registration is gaining huge popularity among design owners and business entrepreneurs. Design refers to the various aspects like its pattern, configuration, shape and other composition which needs to be registered in order to protect the goodwill of business. These days, the procedure of design registration has evolved into many like online design registration, which is so simple and hassle free as compared than traditional medium. A well conceived design by a designer represents a company or a business enterprise and keeps the whole reputation intact by revealing the nature of the business. When it comes to design registration, one should need the help of a well qualified and well trained patent and trademark professional in order to make this process easier and better for the business entrepreneur. An aspiring design owner should fulfill certain terms and conditions in order to get his or her design registered.

The following information need to be submitted along with the application form:
  • Name and Address of the applicant
  • Drawings
  • Name of the country
  • Official Date
  • Official Number
  • Power of Attorney

Design Registration Services India

Indian is one of the largest countries in terms of new business opportunities can in each and every year, there are hundreds of business entrepreneurs are landing here to kick start their business operations. Therefore, business design registration has been impeccable growing in order to meet the huge demand of aspiring business owners. There are many patent and trademark registration firms are providing design registration services at affordable prices by the help of some well reputed and well trained trademark professionals in India. Design registration is the most important business task for an entrepreneur in order to protect his or her business reputation and goodwill by attracting huge numbers of patrons for his goods and services.

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