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Copyright Symbol

Copyright symbol is the registered trademark of the creative works, which includes drama, music, painting and sculpture. Copyright symbol was first introduced in the USA in 1909 in order to give an identity to the registered copyright. Copyright symbol or designated copyright symbol is the circled C as per the copyright registration act in the world. The circled C has been used for all creative works except sound production, which is denoted by a circled P mark. Since then, C stands for copyright. Copyright attorney is the right person to register and make use of the copyright symbol to show the registered copyright. The C is the abbreviated form of copyright and therefore, it has been widely and extensively used for registered copyright for better understanding among general public. The U.S government has first introduced the use of copyright symbol for all registered copyrights.

Copyright Symbol Registration Services

Apart from sound related creative works, the copyright symbol has been widely used for all registered copyright as per the rules and regulations. It's a global accepted formula to use the circled C for copyright as per the copyright registration services. These days, copyright symbol carries a great importance among all creative artists after they get registered their works under the copyright act of the country. The copyright symbol indicates that this piece of works is secured and registered in the name of a person and no one can use it without the legal permission of the original author. In India, the duration of the registered copyright is for 60 years or as long as he or she is alive then after that the right can be transferred to another party as per the Indian Copyright registration rules and regulations. Therefore, copyright is hugely essential for all creative artists those want to preserve their legal rights with them.

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