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Design Registration in Delhi

Design registration comes under the segment of Intellectual Property Rights where the registration is administered under the trademark act 1999 in India. Here the design can be of logo, brand, trade symbol, business mark or trademark and any other industrial design. All these designs are used for business promotion, branding, marketing, maintaining the business reputation and goodwill and is also used to maintain the list of loyal clients. In this huge corporate competition, using business logo design or following brand design and getting registration is one of the source of maintain prestigious position in the business world.

Design that represents your business or company across the world should be registered in order to protect from misuse or illicit act from any of the third party businesses. Having a business design and following its strategy is one of the economical and simplest of promoting your business to your target location. It is not possible to reach physically in all places but it is easy for your brand or design to reach and get familiar your business among your potential customers.

Here; we as a brand of design registration firm in Delhi serve you with complete services in IPR.
  • We develop your business design as per your needs and expectation.
  • We create your different designs of logo, brand, trademarks or any of the business marks.
  • We are expert in preparing all type of legal documents needed for design registration in Delhi.
  • Besides these, we also submit other legal forums and fees require for design registration in Delhi.
  • We also offer complete services in design protection from being getting copied or misuse and design renewal before getting expiry.
  • We also do offer design search before filing an application to the concern authority.

Here, we comprised of long team of highly qualified attorneys who are well versed with each and every aspect of brand registration process in delhi.

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