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Trademark Act

Trademark act is the act or rules and regulations on the basis of which a proposed trademark should be registered in order to grab the attention of general public. A trademark is the intellectual property of an organization and it should be protected by registering it as per the trademark registration act. Every country has their own trademark rules and regulations for business enterprises and organizations in order to create a name and fame among business rivals. Indian Trademark Registration Act 1999 is the sole trademark act which is applicable for trademark registration of all Indian business firms and organizations in order to continue the business operations. India is the home country of many leading business units and firms with different line of goods and services and therefore, trademark act holds immense importance when it comes to new trademark registration for an upcoming business unit. These days, the competition among business rival have been growing immensely and in order to fulfill this gap trademark registration professionals are lending their helping hand to aspiring business entrepreneurs.

Trademark Act in India

Trademark Act in India is the Indian trademark registration act 1999 for registering all business organizations and companies in order to legally run the business. India, in the recent past has been attracting many foreign investors in order to start their business operations because of its huge business potential as a market. Trademark act 1999 in India is implemented in order to regulate and control all trademark related issues of existing and aspiring business owners when it comes to trademark registration or any intellectual property maintenance. As per the trademark registration in India, one should apply for trademark registration either directly or online by mentioning all the details of goods and services and nature of goods and services for better understanding of the trademark attorney.

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